Cops and Robbers

Story number one. (Thievery)

Well its been raining here (God Bless) and that means we needed to fix our kitchen light… don’t tell me how that relates but it does. Side note- “fixing” is synonymous with “replacing old bulbs with new ones.” So we went to Home Depot to get these bulbs, they had a great selection! wow! We eventually decided on the right ones for us and walked out of the store. They now have leopard print duct tape available for purchase in case you were wondering, Home Depot is very chic now.

A few hours later we realized that we skipped a step at Home Depot. We usually pay before we walk out- in this case we didn’t. It was the leopard print duct tape! My mind was too caught up in all the possibilities. But we aren’t 100% sure we didn’t pay- I am very forgetful these days. Seriously though. And either way we have bought plenty of stuff from them before- the least they could do is give us two free light-bulbs.

Story number two. (TLG)

I have worked at the little gym for a long time, and I am currently working at the gym here in Austin. They only reason really why I am still choosing to put up with 3-year-olds for 8 hours at a time is for the things they say. There is one girl in particular here at this gym who I adore. Some of her best one liners include:
“Miss Cait, I am wearing panties”
“I love the rodeo!” (I asked her mom later, and she has never been to the rodeo before)
In the middle of class she will randomly give me a huge hug and tell me she loves me so much
“I will be right back, I need to go tell my mom I am sorry”
“I am so strong because I eat so much broccoli”
And finally, one time in the middle of opening circle, she suddenly starts stripping down and has her leotard half way past her bellybutton when she revealed a butterfly tattoo right on her lower stomach. In the lobby, all the mothers’ faces were priceless.

Well one day this darling little thing slug bugged all over me. Slug bug is our code word for “vomit” at the little gym. So in case an instructor is in the middle of a conversation with a parent we don’t have to scream at them “a kid just threw up!” we just say “slug bug”. Makes a ton of sense really. The code used to be “milkshake”. I am not sure which I like better.

So that was super gross and tramatic. But I still love her! And the newest members of my jazzy bug dance class: Austin Flowers and Agent Thai. Seriously those are their names.

Story number three. (backing into a large rock with a rental car and not getting fined)

We were lucky enough to rent a beautiful Ford Fusion a few months ago during our vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. She surely was a beauty. We decided to treat her to a nice scenic cruise up to the north shore to visit “Tunnels Beach.”

Turns out traffic on Kauai is quite disagreeable even though the island is so amazing. But it is worth it. Parking is even worse though. We finally found a spot and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and snorkeling amongst the coral reefs. Which is super fun by the way. Anyways, as we were leaving I backed into a large rock. I jacked it up, the bumper had a pretty large gouge in it. But we never told anyone and we returned the car later that week without a glitch. Phew! We were ready to give faulty insurance information though. That would of turned out great probably.

Here are some more from tunnels beach…