Ze Vagrants

So, this is Cait. I’m am not sure how to use this blog as well as Justin, so I can’t make my letters all purple. But this post is all me, so pretend all the letters are that color.

This post is going to be unconventional ( I know, only two posts into our blog concept and I am already changing the rules, totally annoying). But this is a rare exception and I am doing it only because a) I am waiting for my handsome love to be home to tell some truths and a lie with me and b) I am totally bored of studying and need some relief! So tonight ladies and gents, I would like to tell you about some homeless folks Justin and I have recently acquainted. But first I suppose I will announce the actual lie from the previous post.

And the winner is…. our friend the snake! We did not encounter a snake. If that were the truth, everyone would have known that actually happened because you would have heard my screams from the ATX (Austin, Texas, totally gangster huh?).

Sorry Justin if you are mad at me for exposing that without you.

So onto the homeless indigents. For those of you who follow Justin’s design blog located here. you may know that last week we spent the morning downtown around the historic 6th street searching out beggars who may want Justin’s help. Justin designed some more aesthetically appealing cardboard signs to offer to these peeps to see if it would help out with their daily profits. Although our pursuit was not as successful as we had hoped as far as these bums loving our signs and accepting them enthusiastically, we did meet some amazing people. Let me introduce you:

First we met “the captain” He was an older wrinkled African American gentleman hanging out in his 4-wheeler (by 4 wheeler I mean 2 big wheels and 2 small wheels, aka wheelchair) clunking his plastic cup for change wearing a worn out captain’s hat. He kept telling us he was the captain, and he is so famous you can find him on facebook. “People love me so much they put me on facebook!” However, I cannot find him on fb. Anyway, he told us his story. He was from New Orleans and relocated here after Hurricane Katrina and hasn’t been able to find work. He is staying at the nearby “home” and he is a psychic.  He asked me if I could shake his hand and promise him that if he guessed the year I graduated from high school, I would confirm the truth. Once I agreed he looked down, thought long and hard, and quickly announced “I’ve got it, you graduated from high school when you were a senior!” Next he told Justin he could guess how many kids his grandfather had on his mother’s side. After thinking for a moment he proclaimed “None, because your granddaddy’s a man and men can’t have kids!” According to him, he can do this all night. He didn’t want Justin’s sign because he made the money through his jokes. So best of luck to you captain, hope you do bring home the bacon with your powers.

The second man we met was a guy from Texas. We don’t know his name I don’t think. He stopped us because he wanted 65 cents. He didn’t want the sign, he just wanted 65 cents. He kept pointing to the greater Texas area on our America sign and saying I am from here. So your guess is as good as ours as to where he is actually from. I think he had mild turrets. I could not follow his sentences. He was a pretty good rhymer though. I think he said about 6 sentences that all ended in a word that rhymed with “sigh” High, fly, my, pie, bye. Also, he was quit the renaissance man. According to him he is a poet, an author, an artist (he didn’t want Justin’s sign because he could do much better). He kept telling us we should read his books. I asked him where we could get one and he said: “oh they are all gone. I gave some away to friends, some got lost, some got stolen, so sorry but there are no more.” So if any of you ever get your hands on one of his novels, let us know please.

And finally Bart. Justin met him while I was at work. He hangs out at the same place every day in this summer heat. He had an American and Texas flag flying high. A true patriot. He introduced himself as BART (Born And Raised Texan), although he actually goes by Hawkeyes because he can see everything. Needless to say, he was stoked to accept Justin’s American Dream poster. He still has it to this day. He left Justin with these final words: “Spring has sprung, and fall has fell. Now that summer is here it gets hotter then hell.” Such wisdom.

We also met a few other notable characters. A slightly handicap man on a bench waiting for a bus who we thought must be homeless because he was holding a sign. Turns out the sign was a bus number and he wasn’t actually homeless. Wish we would have known that before Justin asked him straight up if he was. Awkward. Also the the Congress St amazonian woman. She wears shreds of fabric in a tribal- like manor and dances around the street posts as though there is a drum beat following her rhythm. And we can’t forget Robert who has 3 teeth and an incredibly dirty shirt. According to him, he makes between $75-$100 a day begging on 6th street. I wanna hope that’s the truth.

So that’s that. I hope no one is worried about me being alone for 7 more days in this city. Don’t worry mom(s) we have one of these in our closet…Also while I am posting pictures, let’s check out this most darling huz of mine: